Who we are

Recommended text: We may be reached at https://monkeyapppro.com.

We at monkeyapppro.com take great pride in safeguarding your privacy. The kinds of personal information we gather, the ways in which we use it, and our dedication to protecting it are all described in this privacy statement. The following details about our policies and procedures involving personal data should be carefully read and understood.

Please be aware that this privacy statement only covers monkeyapppro.com and does not apply to any other websites that are connected to our site from third parties.

Email marketing:

Your email address will be shared with third-party email marketing services if you opt to receive information from us or to subscribe to our email newsletter. According to the definition given below, we see these services as third-party data processors.

You may be certain that neither our internal computer systems nor the database on our website will save your email address. Unless you expressly request to be removed from the list, it will be in the third-party email marketing service for as long as we continue to utilize it for email marketing. Using the unsubscribe links included in the email newsletters, you can stop receiving the newsletter.
Although your email address is kept up to date in the database of a third-party marketing organization, we could periodically send you emails. An entity that manages personally identifiable information on behalf of the data controller and won’t use or transfer the data without the controller’s consent is known as a third party data processor.

Individual Data

Gathered by monkeyapppro.com: The following data about you may be gathered and processed by us:
Information you provide to us using online forms on our website, such as information you enter to register, join up for a service, publish material, or request more services. Additionally, whether you participate in promotions or competitions or report issues with our website, we could ask for information.
Your name, address, phone number, email address, and other personal information could be gathered.
You could be requested to participate in surveys voluntarily, even if they are not required.
Details on the websites you visit, such as traffic volume, location, weblog information, and other communication data, together with the resources you may access.
Technical information, including your IP address, operating system, browser type, login credentials, time zone configurations, browser plug-ins, and other pertinent.

IP Addresses, Analytics, and Cookies:

We may gather information about your computer, such as your IP address, operating system, and browser type, in order to better manage the devices used to access our site and to gain a better understanding of general Internet usage trends. You cannot be individually identified from this data; it is just used for statistical research.
Cookies are little files that are kept on the hard disk of your computer. We may use them to improve your surfing experience and offer specialized services. We can track audience size and activity, save your preferences, customize our site according to your interests, expedite search results, and identify you when you visit again thanks to cookies. You may restrict your usage of some services on our site if you choose to reject cookies by changing your browser’s settings. When you log in to our site, our system will automatically accept cookies unless you change your browser’s settings to refuse them.

Storage of Personal Data:

Unless specified otherwise, we won’t send the data we get from you outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). We will treat your data safely and in compliance with our privacy policy statement because we are dedicated to keeping it safe.

The information we give Google, a tool we use to assess the performance of our website, could be stored by them outside of the EEA. Google has received complete certification for Privacy Policy Shield, proving our capacity to handle data and our adherence to European data protection legislation.