How To Get Only Girls on Monkey App

How To Get Only Girls on Monkey App

Whatever your aim may be: friendship, networking or even a potential love connection, spending your time connecting with girls on Monkey App makes it more entertaining and meaningful. Knowing what you want from such connections helps in planning for each conversation.

Setting Up Your Profile to Attract Girls

Setting Up Your Profile

The first impression you have on Monkey is through your profile, and having a good one will tremendously increase your chances of connecting with girls. Here’s how to optimize each element:

Profile Picture

A photo is Clear and Welcoming: In this case, use a high quality picture where by the face is clearly seen. A smile would make it welcoming.

  • Current and Real: Make sure that this picture represents you at present and it is recent without interfering too much or using filters.
  • Solo Photo: Do not include anyone else in the image so that there won’t be any confusion.
  • Good Lighting: It should be natural light hence avoid images taken in dark rooms or ones with dull backgrounds.


Make it easy for others to get acquainted with you through including key information about yourself within the bio section of your Monkey profile. Here’s how to make it engaging:

  • Precise but Engaging: Keep short, highlighting some of the things about yourself that you think others should know about.
  • Show Rather Than Say: An example could be instead of saying “I am funny“, write down something humorous or maybe an interesting fact about yourself.
  • Positive Language: Use positive words in order to demonstrate enthusiasm and friendliness.
  • Totally Unusual and Memorable: You could mention an interesting fact, a quote that really means something to you or even an unusual hobby.


Listing your interests helps potential matches find common ground:

  • Specific and Varied: Be specific regarding the activities that you like. Mention some of the favorite genres, bands, or types in which you are involved.
  • Reflect Your Personality: Choose interests that genuinely reflect who you are.
  • Conversation Starters: Include interests that can easily lead to discussions. If you love hiking, mention a recent trail you enjoyed.
  • Balance: Make sure that there’s diversity in what you’re interested in terms of different aspects of yourself.

Utilizing Filters and Preferences

Utilizing Filters and Preferences

Monkey offers several filters and preferences to help you transform your interactions and connect with users who match your criteria. Here’s how to make the most of them:

Gender Filter

  • Turn On Gender Filter: To get just girl matches on Monkey, turn on the gender filter for girls only.
  • Accuracy: Once installed, ensure the settings are still functional as they do reset sometimes after app updates have been done.
  • Respect Preferences: Remember other people also have their own choices. Approach your matches respectfully too.

Location Preferences

  • Set Preferred Locations: Make adjustments so as to interact with users from particular regions. Thus it can be handy if meeting locals or residents from areas one wants to visit later becomes necessary.
  • Proximity Advantage: Put local connections on the priority list for more realistic meetups.
  • Explore New Cultures: This feature can enhance it by expanding its horizons if open to regions outside its current ones.

Age Range

Set an age range that you feel more comfortable with to get more desirable matches.

  • Define Your Range: Set an age range that aligns with your preferences for more compatible matches.
  • Adjust as Needed: Do not hesitate to tweak the age range based on your experiences.
  • Consider Maturity and Interests: Remember, age is just one factor in compatibility.

Engaging Conversations

Engaging Conversations

These are some of the tips on how to keep a conversation going once matched:

  • Breaking the Ice: Begin by asking simple questions that will make someone laugh before starting a chat.
  • Being an active listener: Show her you are interested in what she says.
  • Jokes can lighten it up: Some humour makes the discussion funnier.

Building a Connection

Building a Connection

Conversing is not enough but there is also building of connections:

  • Having Something Similar In Common: Talk about things you both like doing and share passions around them.
  • Observe Courtesy at All Times: Always honor her limits and thoughts.
  • Follow Up: It may be good to suggest exchanging contacts through other social media sites if everything goes well during talk time.

Leveraging Social Media Links

Social Media Links

A lot of people link their Instagram or Facebook accounts on Monkey. This helps them extend the connection beyond the app’s confines:

  • Following on Instagram: if shared by her, follow her on Instagram.
  • Snapping each other: if she shares her Snap handle, add her on Snapchat for casual talks sometimes.
  • Social network connectivity: connecting via Facebook so as to always be in touch with each other’s activities taking place there respectively.

Staying Safe Online

Staying Safe Online

When communicating with total strangers online one must put safety first:

  • Never divulge personal information: Avoid giving out your physical address, telephone number or any financial data whatsoever related to you personally.
  • Report Suspicious Activity: If anyone does anything weird or wrong contact Monkey moderators immediately.
  • Trust Your Instincts: If it does not seem right, say good bye to the other person.


Connection with girls on Monkey requires a combination of technique, endurance and genuine engagement. By creating an attractive profile, effectively utilizing the app’s tools and participating in meaningful discussions, you can make your experience better and establish useful connections. Have fun while doing this; remember that the aim is to create lasting relationships along the way.

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